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A Guide To Finding Your Ideal Therapist

Cassandra Schraft, MSEd, LPC “I tried therapy and it didn’t work for me.” Sound familiar?  This sentiment is not uncommon. As a therapist with nearly a decade of experience, one thing I have come to realize is this:  It’s not therapy that didn’t work for you.  It’s the therapist. In my years of practice, I’ve […]

Anxiety In Children At School

Jordan Westfall, LPC-IT Anxiety is very prevalent in children and adolescents. The National Institute for Mental Health estimates a 25.1 percentage between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. There is also a lifetime prevalence of 5.9 percent for severe anxiety disorder in children and adolescents. Anxiety can be incredibly difficult to navigate for […]

Back-to-School Sleep Schedules

Jennifer Geisler, LPC With the new school year just getting started, children, adolescents and teens in grades K-12 will be experiencing a host of changes as they continue in their developmental and academic journeys. It’s a time of excitement, learning, and maybe even some stress! This is all very normal. One of the best ways […]