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A Guide To Finding Your Ideal Therapist

Cassandra Schraft, MSEd, LPC “I tried therapy and it didn’t work for me.” Sound familiar?  This sentiment is not uncommon. As a therapist with nearly a decade of experience, one thing I have come to realize is this:  It’s not therapy that didn’t work for you.  It’s the therapist. In my years of practice, I’ve […]

A Look At Clinical Depression

Amanda Swisher, LPC-IT A Look At Clinical Depression There is one good thing that has happened as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic: there has been an increased amount of attention to the importance of mental health. It is becoming more socially acceptable to seek help, and less acceptable to “grin and bare it.” Particularly, […]

What to Expect in Your First Counseling Session: Building Trust and Finding Healing

Karisa Koch, LPC-Intern Welcome to your first counseling session! Taking the step to seek help and talk to a professional about your thoughts, feelings, and concerns is a brave and important decision. Whether you’re seeking therapy for stress, anxiety, depression, or any other issue, it’s natural to feel a mix of emotions as you prepare […]