What Therapy is NOT

Calli Christiansen, MSW, Intern

  • Judgment
    • Ensure you and your therapist mesh well together.
    • The therapist is there to help you as the client change your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors for your outcomes to become more positive.
  • A place of repair
    • You are not broken, so therapists do not fix you. 
    • There is support, empowerment, and a place to provide you with skills to know more about yourself. 
  • Going to be diving deep in every session
    • Sometimes you will come into session not wanting to talk or having no idea what to talk about, and that is okay. The therapist and you can simply have a conversation or play a game, and that is still therapy. 
    • Talking to someone about your day-to-day life that isn’t so much in your day-to-day life can be a release to some.
  • In a certain timeframe
    • The process of therapy is not linear, nor is it defined by time or age. Everyone has their own path of healing.
  • Pushing medications
    • Again, everyone has their own path. Medication is just one of the many options of healing. 
    • Therapy is integrative to what you want it to be. A good therapist will never be forceful of a process you are not comfortable with.